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Ли Чжун Ки / Lee Jun Ki

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Еще один ролик с рождественской встречи 14 декабря 2013 г. с фанатами, которая проходила в Университете Кванун.

Ли Чжун Ки отрывался, воспроизводя движения Тэяна из Big Bang с "Ringa Linga".



Ли Чжун Ки для Harper's Bazaar (Китай, апрель 2014) + интервью на английском.


Mr  Sunshine Lee Joon Gi

True love zero pressure

Leading males who once made their women feel inferior to the extend of giving up their ego in loving them, are no longer welcome. Women are getting more and more successful, independent and confident. We don't want a love to look up to, we want companion, gentleness, caring and humorous, just like Lee Joon Gi, giving one energy with his smile. He, who wears a gentle smile with fame spanning across Asia, has come a long way, from a brave lone wandering,  ambitious teenager maturing into a sincere, caring sunshine man. He said a perfect success is to have a happy family. This is Lee Joon Gi, the Mr Nice Guy of the new age. Zero pressure, warmth rush.

The gentle smile has always been his trademark.

From the charming smile and beautiful eyes of flower boy in the movie 'King & the Clown', to the gentle father who rescued his daughter single-handedly in the popular drama 'Two Weeks', ten years has passed in his road of acting.

He is Lee Joon Gi, shot to fame across Asia in 2006, relying on only a couple of weibo messages and some cute selfies, he has over 12 million weibo followers.
Since the airing of 'Two Weeks', Lee Joon Gi has captured the hearts of many with the image of a gentle yet brave father, on the run for love. He has become the spokeperson of Mr Nice Guy in the eyes of the viewers. He has been given a new nickname---- 'Mr Sunshine'
Our curiosity: What is hidden under his smile which has the ability to warm a woman's heart?

On the stage, he is the mega star who conquers his fans with his warm gentle smile. Offstage, he is the nice guy who will put a jacket caringly over his female costar to keep her warm. His smile is his best weapon, removing all barriers, breaking all ice, stress free to people around him.

Life wasn't smooth sailing for this man coming from Gyeongsang do. Before he rose to fame, Lee Joon Gi worked as waiter in pub, a car washer, billiard club attendant, kitchen helper etc...working ten hours per day. He had lived in attic, sometimes without a decent meal to fill his empty stomach, not calling home for over a year, failed in over 200 auditions...in spite of all these, he had never given up hope. At that time, 'Ladies of the Palace' was on air, and the boss of the billiard club asked his employee Lee Joon Gi, 'Will you appear on television in future?'

'Although I was exhausted, I smiled and replied, ' I will appear in due time, please wait patiently ahjussi.'

The most attractive man is one who always lives with hope.

Not giving in to adverse circumstances, Lee Joon Gi beat 1000 over people in an audition in 2005, for a performance opportunity. The character of 'Gonggil' put him onto the stage with success.

However, to him as a man, one's greatest achievement is to be together with his loved ones, with a warm, loving and harmonious family that is called his own.

A real strong man is not a piece of hard rock

On 30th March 2006, the movie 'King & the Clown' broke the record of 12.3 million viewers in Korea,  putting it in the top spot of Korea's box office, breaking past record in Korean movie.

The success and fame came with serious misunderstanding. That was a period when Lee Joon Gi received offers of nothing but feminine roles and he locked himself at home in exasperation.

I won the hearts of many female fans when I was twenty and was also a trend setter. But good looks is a shortcoming to me. To enjoy high popularity because of one's looks, is a fatal wound for an actor.'

He was not trapped in his own emotion for long, he started afresh after a brief adjustment. In 'Fly Daddy' he was a high school student highly skilled in martial arts.He made a transition in the dangerously action packed drama 'Time Between Dog and Wolf' in the form of a complicated identity, with complex emotion.He emerged a matured, steady and confident image after two years of military service. He said, 'We have to be brave, do not become vulnerable by mild attacks!'

To fans who are in hard times, Lee Joon Gi's encouragement is humorous and bright, 'Bundle up all unhappiness and send them into outer space.' And 'Be happy' is his standard conclusion to all his greetings.

A strong man is not necessary a piece of hard rock, neither is he invincible. However, he has to possess a strong inner heart for his woman to depend on. Cheering her on, with sturdy arms to embrace her against the chest. A true strong man is surely one with a gentle heart.

The true strength lies within the warmth in the heart.

Were you afraid to leave home and strike out on your own in your teens?

I was rather scared. but I think we should always keep trying and take up the challenges. I'm a very focused person. If I put all my attention on one matter, I will forget the rest of the trouble, so I could overcome whatever difficulties I had. Moreover, I had a strong physique and a never say die spirit, so I was quite a popular one at work.

What is the biggest set back or difficulty you have come across and how did you overcome it?

There's always difficulties, for instance, life was hard up then. Since I had chosen this path, I did not want to ask my parents for money. I failed in countless auditions, I was deceived and made use of....At that time, all these put me in agony, however, it was because of what I had been through, I have become stronger and more mature. I was able to overcome my difficulties based on my optimism and willingness to face the problems.

Have you ever thought of giving up? How did you persevere?

I have come a long way and much time has been invested. It wouldn't be worthwhile to give up now. Based on this belief, I have persevered till now. In another word, I turned a crisis into an opportunity. Learning from my problems and moving towards my goal. I always tell myself : Don't look back, think about what's ahead, look forward.

What should we do in times of adverse circumstance or difficulty, what is your suggestion?

Learn how to live, try to understand how each one lives. Do not distant yourself from people around you in good and bad times, always remember where you first began. Learn to become understanding and sympathetic towards others, strive to become mellow and nimble.

How have you changed since the military discharge?

My mindset has changed. As a man, I should have a career, handing up a satisfactory Q&A life survey form, living the wonderful 30s seriously.

The greatest success is to safeguard the happiness of the family

Family is what Lee Joon Gi values most. His grandma passed away 11 years ago, he was a nobody then and he converted the only possession left behind by his grandma, a devotee of her faith~~ a cross necklace into a pair of earrings. He wore it daily during the filming of 'Hotel Venus' to mourn her passing. Lee Joon Gi hardly mentioned about his family in interviews, even people in his neighborhood are not aware that he is their neighbor's son. He said that a mature man is someone who should know how to protect his family, the lesser the exposure the more peace of mind for his family.

Lee Joon Gi looks forward to romantic roles after entering the 30s. And he longs for romance himself. He is not in the 'appearance society' when it comes to love, mutual love is the most important. Reminiscing about the regrets of his youth, he chuckled that he had wasted his youth with only a few dating experiences.

If there is someone I love, I will often reciprocate my love with hugs and care'

In his eyes, nothing will waver the position of his family in his heart, not even his career.

'Although career and capability is very important, a family is what I have been longing for all my life. How much happiness in my life depends very much on how harmonious and happy my family is.'

In the drama 'Two Weeks', Lee Joon Gi was cast as  ' one who refuses to budge when trampled, someone who is worse off than a worm' Jang Taesan .He braves the storm for his daughter, finding a reason to live on as a father who once lived like dirt. All these has given Lee Joon Gi a deep impact.

' This drama has propelled my lifetime pursuit of a family. I think I will live my best life ever because of love!'


Would you look for a Chinese girlfriend?

The staff never fails to ask me this each time I visit China, how's Chinese girls?

I like them very much. In fact, for two people in love, what's most important is the other person, language and nationality is not too important.

What is the first thing you notice of a girl?

kkk, I will first look at her eyes, I like girls with a pair of beautiful eyes.

Are you a romantic person?

I think I am. Actually, what's important is not to create the romantic atmosphere, it's to keep her in mind always. From the morning you wake up to bedtime at night, she remains in your heart. Always share the daily dribs and drabs on days when you couldn't be with her. I think it is important that one must have such a heart.

Will you cook for your girlfriend?

I can practically cook any Korean dishes. If I had a girlfriend,I would like to cook the various Italian pasta, accompanied by red wine. I enjoy cooking, it pleases me to see others enjoy my dishes, even if they are not my girlfriends. When I get married or have a girlfriend, she will be immersed in my homemade cuisine.

What do you comprehend by the gentleness in man? How should women get along with a Mr Sunshine like you?

This is very important, we must always think of and empathize with them. On the other hand, as a man, we have to be tough when we need to. A weak man appears indecisive. In other words, the same applies to women. One has to learn to be more considerate, and shower your counterpart with more love.  Much effort is needed to achieve this, of course.As for myself, I will do my best to become a man who can make my woman happy, safe and comfortable!

Have you ever lost your temper with a girl?

I think most guys had lost their temper with girls before. I'm not one who loses my temper easily. For the initial 3, 4 times, I would exercise restrain and tried to communicate with her. Keep trying, to make good atmosphere. However, if this attempt produced adverse effects on my girlfriend or it simply couldn't work and she didn't change for the better, I would lose my temper.But it would only be a short outburst.Of course, I wouldn't play cold war for long, after I had simmered down. I would explain why I was mad at her and apologized. Hence, one has to master some tactics in a relationship, otherwise it could be tiring for both parties.

How would you handle the arguments and contradictions in a relationship?

I think one party should take a step back in a tiff.As for me, I wouldn't want it to last too long, so I would try to find a way to end it as soon as possible. If the man knows the reason behind her anger, knows what she wants, there will not be argument.

From the point of view of a man, what's the bottom line of love? How would you handle a break up?

I have had unpleasant break ups.Bottom line is when both parties are exhausted. There's no affection for each other anymore, and no matter how hard you tried, you feel tired. I will tell her directly, although it is heart breaking .For the sake of both of us, this could be the best decision.

Does Mr Sunshine prefer girls to make the initiative? What if you have no feelings for her?

Lee Joon Gi: Haha, I think I will make more initiative instead.As a gentle guy, I have to express my love carefully and gradually. For one whom I have no feelings for, I will reject them bluntly I think, bearing in mind not to hurt them, since she may get hurt further from my rejection.Hence I have to take extra care in expressing my rejection solemnly.

"Warm" is the feeling of zero 'love relationship' pressure

As one who is born in Korean Busan's Gyeongsang do , Lee Joon Gi does not have the characteristics of the typical hometown guy: Gyeongsand do  males are not very vocal and neither do they like to express themselves. Yet, the guy in front of us always has a sunshine smile, giving others the feelings of being immersed in the wind of spring.

'In the past, it was also not easy for me to express myself. However, after coming to Seoul, I discovered that a warm smile is the best way to let others accept you.'

He often forgets his ‘celebrity’ status, as he carefully takes into consideration the opinions and feelings of those around him. He once had an argument with the hotel staff about going out to see his fans. 'It is necessary for me to walk past them (the fans) as they had been waiting for me.” He has also mentioned before that “if I encounter an unkind manager/management who makes things difficult for the fans, I will give him a lesson. A man should have a sense of humility and gratitude in his heart.” Sometimes, when he is walking on the street, he will think, “We actors should give the viewers dreams, hopes, something that moves their hearts and ponder about.'

He is such a guy who acts with heartfelt sincerity and in return, he receives the genuine intention from others.

Out of so many words and phrases, Lee Joon Gi uses the word, 'companions' to describe his fans.

'Fans are like my family members to me. Being a celebrity and a public figure, the fans have been my greatest reinforcement of support and strength. Their belief in me give me limitless motivation and driving force. Sometimes, they are like my parents and other times, they are like my girlfriends. I hope that I can personally be their role model, and like now, we will mutually complement one another and  move forward together.'

He will also answer various kinds of questions asked by readers during the interview: for the long suffering anxious mothers of rebellious children; for the superiors/leaders who feel that they are inadequate; for those young girls who don't know what to do to get into a closer relationship with others.

With regards to the nickname his fans have affectionately given him, 'Mr Sunshine', he particularly likes it. He said that 'warmth' gives people the feeling of being in love.

'To let others feel comfortable like an older brother next door, that is just like my type of person.'

Like the bright patch that the sun rays form after penetrating through the green leaves, LJG said laughingly.

'Knowing how to think deeply,  how to care for others,  how to work very hard,  how to give thanks, to observe carefully, have a high self-esteem, maintain the passion, not to be afraid of failure – These are my eight ways to control my thinking.'

He said that he is very simple, yearning for love yet full of love. This is the ordinary person, Lee Joon Gi.


In your opinion, between friendship and love, which is more important?

I have many friends and many of them and I are extremely comfortable with each other and they will often pour out their problems to me. If I fall in love, love will have a slightly greater importance in my life. Friendship is also very important, but I could perhaps have a greater preference for a woman than a friend. Haha.

The first impression you give to people is especially warm, let's talk about your secret of getting along with others.

First of all, untie the knots in your heart (get rid of negative thoughts and prejudice) and use your initiative to greet others first, chat with others, be a very good listener, and answer appropriately. Regardless whether it is one person or a group of people we meet, we need to pay close attention to them and care for them. I believe that nobody will reject an initiative listener. Look at their eyes more often. Perhaps, this could be the secret.

How to open the heart of a person who has been hurt?

When I was younger, I have also been hurt, and consequently, I tried to act strong. My heart erected some defensive wall. However, I was still a person crouching alone in a dark corner. Now I know how to understand and empathize with others who undergo similar experiences. Hence, the compassionate and sympathetic heart could give out warmth to others. This could be the key to open the heart of a person, and this is also the way I treat my friends.

When was the most recent time you shed tears?

Once, I was chit-chatting with my family when I suddenly cried after chatting for some time. In the past, my heart was focused on work and I neglected my family. Later, I put aside more time to be with my family. As we speak about our inner feelings to one another, tears in our eyes can often be seen. Perhaps, many other people have also experienced this. When younger, our parents and siblings are like mountains and without noticing it, they gradually grow older and also weaker, and need help.

Do you feel that a male should shed tears?

Lee Joon Gi: If a person is to suffer alone, keeping the sorrow and hurt in one’s heart all the time, this may increase the burden in the person’s heart and mind. Instead of having to put on a strong and formidable appearance, and not being able to express one’s actual feelings, one might as well cry when one wants to cry. The tears of a man are precious. Shedding tears occasionally will eventually help us be a person with zero pressure.

Translated & edited by cwng@JGfamily , co-translated by Elizabeth Wong for JGfamily


Источник http://forums.soompi.com/



14 февраля 2014 г. В Гуанчжоу (Китай).

Источник https://www.facebook.com/



Ли Джун Ки предложили роль в дораме "The Joseon Gunman". на канале KBS2.

Это продолжение дорамы "Возлюбленный принцессы" (2011).

Режиссер - Ким Чан Мин ("Возлюбленный принцессы", "Вечная любовь"), автор сценария - Ки Сын Тэ ("Жестокие деньги").

Представитель канала KBS так передал сюжет: "Это история молодого человека из эпохи Чосон, которые изо всех сил пытается приспособиться к западным ценностям после трагической гибели своей семьи".

По его мнению, Ли Чжун Ки лучше всего удаются роли в исторических сериалах, что подтверждается зрительскими рейтингами.

Главный герой новой дорамы Пак Юн Кан - сын лучшего фехтовальщика страны. После убийства отца и младшей сестры он откладывает в сторону свой меч и ради мести становится лучшим стрелком.

Дорама выйдет в эфир в июне 2014 года.

Источник http://forums.soompi.com/



Сегодня поздравляем Ли Чжун Ки.



Первый официальный постер к дораме "Joseon Gunman".

Источник http://couch-kimchi.com/



Первый тизер к дораме "Joseon Gunman".



Второй тизер к дораме "Joseon Gunman".



7-минутная превьюшка к дораме “Joseon Gunman”.



Шоу "Guerilla Date" от 20.06.2014 г. с ансабом.



"За кадром" дорамы “Joseon Gunman”.



14 октября 2014 г. Ли Чжун Ки выступил на LEXUS NX 300h launch concert.

Источник http://sunshineemine.blogspot.ru/



для шеи косметики пожалели)



Тизеры к дораме "Scholar Who Walks the Night". Премьера 8 июля.

* У Чжун Ки сказочно-чосонские сериалы как под копирку. У меня дежа вю.  8-)



julz_nsk написал(а):

сказочно-чосонские сериалы как под копирку.

Зря он напрочь приклеился к этому чосонскому антуражу. Современные дорамы ему идут намного больше.
В любом случае, пять лет назад это был самый популярный актер. По крайней мере, у наших зрительниц. А сейчас новые поклонники дорам, наверное, его и не все вообще знают. Как все быстро меняется. :dontknow:



Плакаты, стиллы, фотки с пресс-конференции, трейлер к китайской мелодраме "Never Said Goodbye" (2016).

Режиссер - Линь Юйсень, в ролях - Чжоу Дунъюй, Ли Чжун Ки, Этан Жуань.



Источник http://www.avirtualvoyage.net/



Новые трейлеры к истории любви между парнем из Кореи и девушкой из Китая "Never Said Goodbye" ((谎言西西里) (2016).

Премьера в Китае 9 августа 2016 г.



* А куда вписать АйЮ?  8-)

Агенство NAMOOACTORS подтвердило слухи о романе Ли Чжун Ки и Чон Хе Бин

По данным инсайдера артисты встречаются на протяжении двух лет. Основным местом их тайных свиданий является вилла Чон Хе Бин в Канвондо.

Сами актёры пока никак не прокомментировали данную информацию, однако слухи об их романе уже начали обрастать новыми подробностями. В Сети появилась информация, что этот Новый год молодые люди встретили вместе. Кроме этого нетизены пишут, что несколько раз видели актёров на свидании.

Отметим, что Ли Чжун Ки и Чон Хе Бин впервые встретились на съёмочной площадке дорамы «Чосонский стрелок», которая транслировалась на телеканале KBS2 в 2014 году. С тех пор актёрам неоднократно приписывали романтические отношения, но они отрицали любые догадки журналистов, заверяя, что являются друзьями и коллегами.




Вообще-то она красивая и по возрасту больше ему подходит. Так что, ладно, разрешаю.))
Хотя с Айю была лучшая парочка во всех его фильмах и дорамах.


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